Cooperatively Speaking

The Hidden Risk in Your Vendor Master

May 23, 2022 E&I Cooperative Services Season 2 Episode 2
Cooperatively Speaking
The Hidden Risk in Your Vendor Master
Show Notes

E&I Host: Joe Castelluccio, Director, Business Development
Guests: Naomi Emmons, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer at the University of Kentucky; Rick Gay, Director of Procurement Services at Spring Branch Independent School District; and Taylor Nemeth, Head of Payments at PaymentWorks

With 74% of organizations reporting they were the target of an actual or attempted payments fraud in 2020, the problem is well known -- but not well understood.

In this episode, Joe (in his debut episode!) and our guests discuss the common ways these frauds are successful using real-world examples from higher education and K-12 institutions. You'll learn why the risk inherent to the vendor master is not solved by traditional cybersecurity, common ways in which fraudsters try to trick AP/procurement into changing bank account information, and the processes in place at Spring Branch ISD and UK that thwarted fraudulent attempts.

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