Cooperatively Speaking

Selecting the Right Battery for the Job in Your Facilities

September 26, 2022 E&I Cooperative Services Season 2 Episode 3
Cooperatively Speaking
Selecting the Right Battery for the Job in Your Facilities
Show Notes

E&I Host: David Manz, Category Business Manager, Construction, Energy & Facilities
Guests: Brooke Taylor, National Key Account Manager at Duracell, and Scott Ruhl, National Account Manager at Batteries Plus Bulbs

Take a look around you. What's something you know you have a lot of of, but don't often see? How far can you walk through your house, your office, your facilities without walking past a battery?

For many of us, the thought behind which batteries we choose may not go beyond selecting the type that will fit in the device. But actually, choosing the correct battery for the right application goes way beyond a letter on the side and can have a significant impact on time, money, and the environment.

In this episode, David and our guests Brooke and Scott discuss the different types of batteries that should be used for various applications, and why it's so important to take the extra step to select the right product for the proper use from a trusted vendor.

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