Cooperatively Speaking

IAQ: If It's Important, You Measure It

August 18, 2021 E&I Cooperative Services Season 1 Episode 2
Cooperatively Speaking
IAQ: If It's Important, You Measure It
Show Notes

E&I Hosts: Saul Alvarado, Vice President, Construction, Energy & Facilities and David Manz, Category Business Manager, Construction, Energy & Facilities
Guest: Karl Stefan, CIEC, Northeast Regional Manager, Industrial Hygienist, Pure Air Control Services, Inc.

Join us for part two of our discussion on indoor air quality (IAQ) -- and why if it's important, you measure it.

In this episode, Saul and David chat with Karl Stefan from Pure Air about best practices,  what people do right and wrong in their facilities, and key contributors to IAQ that you may not be quite aware of.

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  • David Manz, Business Partnerships Manager, Facilities & Interiors
  • Saul Alvarado, Vice President, Business Partnerships Manager
  • Joe Castelluccio, Director, Business Development
  • Titus Martin, Executive Director, Supplier Diversity

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